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Sounds like a sexy hamburger!
15 October 2009 @ 09:07 pm
I have been instructed to post by bluesunsets, SO, this is for her!!

Your buttermuffin pickle pie.
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Sounds like a sexy hamburger!
06 September 2009 @ 10:13 pm
It feels like the world is falling down around me

What's going on, everyone? How are you all? Sorry again for being so slack and not updating. Ugh, this is becoming a regular occurrence. It's horrible, really. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!! I need to start flisting more as well. It's not fair on all of you having me as a ~friend and me not doing anything ~friendly.. or, anything at all, really.

Things have been hectic lately. Hectic but, not. I'm not 100% sure whether that makes any sense, in general, but, eh. It's not like I have been overly busy. Because well, let's face it, it's not like I'm actually doing any of the Uni homework I'm meant to be doing. I did start off the semester pretty well; doing the required homework and reading, etc. Being on top of everything, and then it just all went downhill, and I stopped doing it. My weekends have been so short - even though I have from Thursday - Sunday, off. I guess I'm just beyond lazy. I don't really do anything. BUT I FEEL SO BUSY!!!!! I really don't know what's going on. I have two presentations this week (Tuesday (Business Comm) & Wednesday (Accounting)), and I haven't started preparing for either of them, which is bad. Really. Bad (lol I have because i'm bad, i'm bad, SHAMONE! in my head, haha).

It's been hard since June 25. I have good days, and then I have other days when I just break down and lose my shit. I'm sure some of you know why, and I feel like if I go into it again, I'll break down and have to start re-building.. again. So I think I will just leave it at that on that topic. It's heartbreaking.

I need a routine. You know, actually have a bed time and a wake up time and everything in between. I know, it sounds so childish, and immature. But shiiiiiiit, I'm so tired, all the time, and so unorganised! My priorities are all out of whack. Just, aaaaaaaargh. So if any of you have any suggestions for how I can 'manage time' and sort my shit out, that would be so helpful. I'm incompetent when it comes to this shit. I always have been, unfortunately.

DO ANY OF YOU HAVE CURES FOR NECK PAIN OR LOWER BACK PAIN!? I woke up yesterday and my neck was in like some serious pain. I could barely move it. I don't know what I did to it, but aaaaaaaah, eff it hurts! It's a bit better today but there's still some lingering pain, which is just generally pissing me off. I would really enjoy looking to my right, lmao. My muscles clearly have something against me.

On another, completely random note; AAAAHHH NEW 30 SECONDS TO MARS ALBUM COMING OUT SOON!!!!! Eff, I am soooooo excited. Shit, I am going to like, completely lose my shit when they finally come back down here touring. AAAHH! :D

I will try and be more organised with my flist, and organise that, too, so none of the big comms are on it, which basically takes up all my flist and hence, I miss all of you lovely peoples posts (does that sentence make sense, it doesnt seem it like it, haha).

Thank you all for being so patient! ♥
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Sounds like a sexy hamburger!
22 April 2009 @ 09:06 pm
hello, everyone!! how are you all? pardon the lack of my punctuation.

firstly, i would like to extend a warm welcome home to prettysunsets who is coming home from fiji tomorrow! :D i have dearly missed you, love. it is good to almost~~ have you home!

secondly, i'm turning 18 in 2 days (24th), yay!! ugh, being 17 has been completely shit. not one bit have i enjoyed. hopefully 18 is better. especially now that i have i.d! haha, took me long enough to get my learners, eh. i know, i know. lazzzyyyy. what can i say though, huh?

thirdly, i need to get into a habit of posting more. i know this will not only make the love of my life happy, but it'll allow for me to ~express myself in ways i normally otherwise could not. and i know i have stated this before, but i am a sucky flister, so again, i'd like to extend my apologies to all those of you on my flist, for not keeping up to day with your journals.

fourthly (which doesnt sound gramatically correct, lmao), uni! we went back this week. i'm already behind in work i have to have done by, well, pretty much tomorrow. i didnt do the work over the holidays, which is my fault, obviously. two 2,500 word reports due in the next two weeks. the first one, has to be done by myself (the second one is done in a group) - i'm not going to have much of a weekend, because it's my birthday on the friday and i'll probably be partying until the cows come home (unless of course they have all been pushed over) and i doubt i will have any time. ugh, need more days off!!!

ily guys :) ♥

also! UPDATE YOUR FIC! hahaha, omg ilu bb girl.
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Sounds like a sexy hamburger!
1. Don't you love it when people you think are genuine friends, pretty much just slap you in the face. This situation is a bit ridiculous actually - a friends cut; not by the user, but on behalf of the user by a friend. Lol, okay. If that's how you want play the game. I spose it wasn't much of a friendship anyway. I, personally, don't understand how a friends cut by someone else, is really acceptable, but, you know, whatever. I'm not going to grovel - you don't want to be my friend, lol fine!

2. It's been a shit of a day.

3. I feel like they're leaving without me. Getting on a different train, or whatever analogy you wish to use, lol. I'm probably being pathetic, you know but, ugh. I frickin hate feeling like this. It'll get better.

It. Will. Get. Better.

Mum tells me that it really doesn't matter because I'll get it sooon, and you know, it's just a part of life. Things haven't worked out as planned, I mean, I didn't have anything really planned anyway, but still.

I just want to fucking drive!!!!

4. Friends are being assholes again. What's new, I spose. They don't even really acknowledge how I'm feeling, or when I'm feeling like this. I made it clear to her that I wasn't busy and I wasn't doing anything, but nope. I know it's her ~moment, and I should stop being such a selfish slore, but jfc. What do they want from me??

5. 18 days :)

6. What the fuck do you want from me????

7. Disabled because I feel like it & this post is dumb.
Sounds like a sexy hamburger!
25 March 2009 @ 08:17 pm

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DO YOU MAKE ICONS: sometimes
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Coding can be found here
Sounds like a sexy hamburger!
24 March 2009 @ 06:12 pm
Hello, Lovelies!

Firstly, my apologies - deepest apologies for not keeping up with you all. I am a horrible flister, and always forget. Alas, I will keep at it, and try to flist more. How have you all been?
Not that I am excusing my flist behaviour - I started Uni just recently, so, everything has been hectic, Ugh, it never stops. Reading, reading, reading. The reading never ends! For all you Uni students - does the reading ever end???

I can't decide whether I enjoyed high school more, or Uni.. I miss high school; the security of the teachers knowing who you are, always being on your back for work (to hand in, or do) - I've got online assessments I have to do every week; I can't bloody remember to do them!!! I'm hoping, hoping I will get on top of everything soon. And ugh, 6 am starts.. it's impacting on my ~alertness like you wouldn't believe - I didn't even get up this early for school! Ugh, dnw to complain!!

LJ hasn't been as ~happening lately, as it used to be.

Footy season starts soon! Super excited. It's going to be epic! Every weekend, losing my voice, making friends with on the train, getting yelled at by drunk supporters - good times!!!!

Ohhh, in 1 month, today, I will finally be 18! I'm so excited. I'm hoping it'll be a fantastic day; I reallly need to get my L's, so I have ~appropriate ID. I'm legal soooooooon! Wooh! :)

This post is dedicated to the love of my life; h0rsets - since she threatened to take away our sexytiemz if I didn't post. Are you happy and satisfied now, bb girl? :D ilu!!

I promise to start posting/updating more frequently. I'll get on to flisting as soon as I can :)

Sounds like a sexy hamburger!
09 February 2009 @ 07:28 pm

i unconditionally and irrevocably love you

Sounds like a sexy hamburger!
08 February 2009 @ 07:07 pm
1. Victoria is in the big shit. With the bushfires, etc. Not to mention, our PM keeps pissing off to other countries, using tax payers money. GOOD ON YOU KRUDD. The death toll is now officially 65. Sixty-five people are dead, because of these fires. Seven hundred houses have been destroyed. Not to mention how many people have lost everything; their houses, clothes, belongings, etc. It's absolutely horrible.

source: http://www.livenews.com.au/Articles/2009/02/08/Township_of_Marysville_destroyed

2. I've never given much thought to how I would die but dying in the place of someone I love, seems like a pretty good idea but with all this talk of people dying; burning - has me thinking. I'm not scared of dying. Dying isn't my problem. It's HOW I'd die, that has me sort of, IDK, ~worried. Fire freaks me out - which is why I don't want to be cremated; I don't wish to be burnt. I have a fear of drowning. IDK IDK, the WAY of dying, freaks me out.

What do you guys think about this ~touchy subject?

3. Mum has been on my bandwagon today. Everything I have done, she has had a go at. IDGI! She wants me to clean my room; FINE. Maybe ask me, instead of coming up to me and telling me that it MUST be clean, floor vacuumed, dusted, etc, by TOMORROW. Like I could care less. It's not going to take me 287367471523614 hours (I wonder how long this would actually be, js js). Or if you're looking for something, and can't find it. I DONT' know where it is, omg! I don't know where every missing thing is in this house.

4. I need moar credit. I also talked mum into getting a paid LJ account for me. Fingers crossed - next Wednesday.

Sounds like a sexy hamburger!
1. I have four more weeks of freedom. NGL, I'm starting to seriously piss my pants about it. Hiti starts tomorrow - IDK, I'm glad I have another month or so off, but, I think I'd just rather get it over and done with, so I'm not waiting. Lol, I'm such a dick sometimes. I think so, IDK, ~irrationally.

I have to make new friends, build new relationships, flick the switch of my brain so it actually starts working again (if it even has the capacity of turning on anymore). IDFK, I hate doing shit by myself; especially when I don't know anybody

I know i keep going on about this, and it's probably ~old meme (lmfao) to most of you, but, IDK, it's constantly weighing on my mind. Maybe I need to ~let it go and, IDK, whatever happens, happens

2. I'm 18 in 82 days! Jesus, it sounds longer when it's in ~day form. 3 months, sounds better I think. April 24th; put it in your calendar or whatever. REMEMBER IT, BETCHES! :)

Dad rang a few hours ago, and told me; yes told me, I was having my birthday at his place (Parents are divorced). He asked what I was doing and if I had any plans, and then took it upon himself to procede to tell me I was going there, lol. IDK, I have been going on and on about it in my brain, I can't fathome it, really. Having my birthday there, means Mum can't come. Dad has a ~thing; he won't in the same room as her, and shit. IDK, he's an immature asshat I spose.

I told him we'd have it there, and Mum is okay with it. She said we'd do something or go out to dinner the night after. I think I'm probably overreacting, I know I'm probably overreacting, but IDK, I don't want Mum to feel like, ~left out or whatever. Ugh, divorced parents suck, ngl.

3. Mum goes back to work ~fully, tomorrow. That equals a happy Luisa.

4. bluesunsets not only owns my heart, but now has my lj login info

I HOPE YOU FEEL SPESHUL BB. Thank you helping me with my shit, it meant a lot to me, to have someone actually ~listen. IDK, like not just, sort of brush it off and say "everything will be okay, dw dw dw". I'm so, so proud of you for writing this fic of yours. GOOD ON YOU! Well done.

5. Finding LJ layouts is traumatic. Trying to make them ~work, is even more bloody traumatic, but alas, bluesunsets helped me and all is good. TY, ~JACK ♥ :*

6. BB, you can attack my tags if you'd like. I am giving you permission, since you have my pw and shit :)
Sounds like a sexy hamburger!
29 January 2009 @ 06:00 pm
1. Enrolment for Vic Uni was today. Omfg, it was THE most traumatic thing I have done in a while. Let me tell you. We went to the wrong campus, so had to find our way to the proper campus. JFC, traumatic!!!! To make matters worse, it was 382647512645C today, (IDK how hot that is in F, lmao). I got my ID card, and oooh my lord above, I don't think I have seen such a horrific picture of myself; in my LIFE, no joke. IDK, maybe I can go and buy cigarettes from the dodgy asian milk bars who don't really care, just as long as you have some sort of ID - it doesn't have my D.O.B on it though

I'm sort of freaked out by doing this shit by myself, I normally take Hiti with me everywhere, but I HAVE to do this by myself. IDK how that's going to turn out though, lmao. I don't work well by myself. I need people to hold my shit together; I can't hold my own shit together without someone there, IK, I'm pathetic, lmfao.

2. Mum's gone back to work. I have 4 more weeks of holidays. NGL, I'm happy I get to have the house to myself for a while. Without someone ~nagging, or pissing me off every two seconds. JFC, I sound like a horrible spoilt little brat. Ohwell.

3. I NEED A NEW FUCKING COMPUTER. This is just over a year old, and I'm sick to death of it. I honestly am. Vista isn't making shit easier, either. DIAF BILL GATES I want a Mac, for fun. I usually get what I want, so hopefully soon, it'll come my way. JFC, I'm making a good impression on those who don't really ~know me "fully". Sorry about that. I'm not usually as ~bitchy or whatever. So, sorry :S

4. ONTD_Twatlight has gone to SHIT, NGL. I was close to leaving the other day. The shit that went down with certain members & mods. The crap the mods apparently said, put me right off. Also, JFC, slores like... I'm not ~hardcore enough to formally mention their names. I don't fancy being B&. Ugh, I disgust myself sometimes. Anyway, there are particular people who need to get a slap in the fucking face. Their ~bedside manner is fucking disgusting. PEOPLE ARE RUDE, INCONSIDERATE and, JFC, don't people believe in manners anymore?

IT'S THE FUCKING INTERNET, JFC. LEARN TO NOT TAKE SHIT SO FUCKING SERIOUSLY. IT'S PATHETIC. You're in a Comm. that was built on sarcasm and lulz. Lately, if you say anything remotely ~rood, you're put on the naughty bench. The mods are friends with these bitches, so obviously, there would be no point in complaining, but since Personal Journal shit is meant for your ~personal journal, I have no qualms of saying shit like this, IDK, I couldn't be bothered intentionally starting shit. So, whatever.

5. bluesunsets OWNS MY FUCKING HEART ♥. She is the best thing that has happened to me or come into my life, for a long time. THIS BITCH COMPLETES ME. I can't even explain or begin to explain what she means to me. I LOVE YOU SFM, BB. I really do, and I hope you know that :')

I AM HERE FOR YOU; NO MATTER WHAT. BRB, ~TREASURING YOUR DOOR. I might need some more varnish, the water is ruining it a little bit :(